​​The Art of Comedy S.A. is a major force in Greece in the field of theatrical and television productions. The Company presents an annual season of diverse productions at its own venues, “Delfinario” -nearby the city of Piraeus, the largest port in Greece with an audience capacity of 2,000- and “Peroke” -a historical theater nearby the center of Athens with an audience of capacity 800.
Since its establishment in 2002, the Art of Comedy S.A. aims to produce theatrical and television productions of the highest standard that consistently illuminates, entertains and challenges and is committed to the engagement between the imagination of its team and its audiences and the investment on young artists ideas for developing new productions.

The Art of Comedy S.A. reaches beyond its home state Athens with the touring productions throughout Greece and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden and Cyprus​)​. The last five years the theatrical productions reached the audience of 1,000,000 persons.

In recent years, the company actively fosters relationships and collaborations with international artists and production companies growing it’s international profile significantly with productions touring extensively to great acclaim.